Dinosaur Puzzle
Dinosaur Puzzle
Dinosaur Puzzle
Dinosaur Puzzle
Dinosaur Puzzle
Little But Loud

Dinosaur Puzzle

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The unique ecological toy "Dinosaurs" will visually show your child the habitat of dinosaurs. All dinosaurs are hand painted, so the pattern may be slightly different from the screen image. Under each dinosaur, the child will see an interesting fact about a certain type of dinosaur.

Dinosaurs are 6mm thick, so dinosaurs can stand on a flat surface. And the child can play them separately from the puzzle board.

Montessori games for child development:
fine motor skills
nature study
hand-eye coordination.

Material: High quality birch, pine and beech plywood.

Coating: Eco friendly non-toxic acrylic varnish.

Board height: 20 cm 

Board length: 26cm 


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