Board Game - Don't Take My Tomatoes
Board Game - Don't Take My Tomatoes
Board Game - Don't Take My Tomatoes

Board Game - Don't Take My Tomatoes

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Who will be the first to harvest all the vegetables for their own farmland while avoiding hungry rabbits? This family speed game is well designed and fun for home or classroom. Players take turns to spin the turntable as they race to plant and harvest their vegetable garden without it getting eaten by rabbits! 


  • Set up the board by placing the vegetable cutouts in the slots on the game board. Place each vegetable (peas, carrots, potatoes, and tomatoes) in their corresponding places. Place the white rabbits in the slots on the white corners of the board. Each person gets a 1x smaller board where they will ‘harvest’ their vegetables.
  • The first person spins the spinner. If the arrow lands on one of the corresponding vegetable colours (green for peas, orange for carrots, yellow for potatoes or red for tomatoes), then the player must take that specific vegetable and place it in the slots on their game board. They then pass the spinner onto the next person.
  • If the spinner lands on the red cross OR lands on a vegetable colour they have already got, the player must skip their turn.
  • If the spinner lands on white, the player must take a rabbit from the main game board and place it in one of the slots on their own board. To stop their vegetables being ‘eaten’ by the rabbit when it is their turn the player must spin until they land on white again. When they do so, they are able to remove their rabbit and put it back in one of the white slots on the corner of the board.
  • The game ends when a player has each of the four different vegetables on their game board.

Key Features:

  • Ideal for 2-4 players
  • Takes 10-20 minutes to play (on average)
  • Game kit includes 1 play board, 4 player stands, 20 vegetable and rabbit cards, and 1 turntable
  • Perfect for ages 3+
  • Made from quality and eco-friendly materials and printed with vegetable inks
  • Conforms to high standards of safety

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