Rainbow Sorting Board (Coloured Pits)

Rainbow Sorting Board (Coloured Pits)

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This handmade rainbow board (coloured pits) from Russia is multifunctional and provides many play opportunities to your little ones. The board comes with 74 coloured felt balls.

This Montessori toy can be used for colour sorting, identification, counting, or simply filling in coloured rice for sensory activities. It is also great for practising fine motor skills as the kids grab the balls using thongs/tweezers and sort them in the rainbow tray. Roll the playdough into ball-shaped and fill in the board is another fun way to play too!

Size: 27cm x 15cm x 1.2 cm

Size (felt balls): 1.5cm - supervision is required as felt balls can be a choking hazard

Material: Pinewood

Recommended ages: 3y+