Water Marbles - Pink Trio Pack
Water Marbles - Pink Trio Pack

Water Marbles - Pink Trio Pack

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A unique sensory present, our Water Marble Trio pack is a boxed kit with 3 bottles of water marbles inside. Now revamped with the addition of glitter water marbles, you will love this gift set!

With the girls' box, you will receive 1 bottle of Unicorn Gems, 1 bottle of Mermaid Bubbles and 1 bottle of Fairy Dew.

The Water Marbles come in a plastic bottle with instructions included. Add them to a bowl of water and watch them grow over 3 to 4 hours! You can keep your Water Marbles in an airtight container for weeks or they can be rehydrated once they are dehydrated to provide more hours of fun!

As this kit contains small parts, it is not suitable for children under 3.

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